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Community Involvement

Dot’s Pretzels is proud of the communities in which we work.

We recognize there are a variety of needs within these communities, and we are grateful for the organizations working to meet those needs.

Who We've Worked With

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Men and women of our Armed Forces

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Local schools in North Dakota

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Fire Halls

Love, Dot

Special Pricing

If you are a 501c3, School, or Government Office, and would like to sell Dot’s Pretzels in order to raise funds for your group, or to receive pretzels for a special event, you are able to apply for special fundraiser pricing.

If your organization is not 501c3, but has an EIN or Federal Tax ID, you have the option to enroll as a Dot’s retailer and receive retailer pricing.

Thank you for including us with your mission.

-Dot’s Pretzels

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