Reseller Resources

Reseller Resources

Welcome to the club!

Now that you’re selling Dot’s Pretzels products, use this page as a reference to learn how to best market the soon-to-be-number-one, goal-crushing, and most importantly, amazingly delicious, pretzels in town.

Suggested Retail Markup

1.5 oz- $1.25
5 oz- $3.99
16 oz- $6.59
32 oz- $9.99
Pretzel Rub- $2.99
Candy Bar- Price to come

Julian Date

How to read our expiration date

First 2 letters are the facility the product was made.
ND= North Dakota
AZ= Arizona
KS= Kansas

Second # is the last number of the year.
8= 2018
9= 2019

Next 3 numbers are the numbers of the day of the year, aka the Julian Date.

Pretzels have a 180-day shelf life.